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Who Are The Real Racists?

by Al Benson Jr.

The perfidious agenda of the political and theological leftists in this country is no more apparant than when it comes to the issue of race. In the name of "fighting racism" what they end up doing is actually promoting racism, a particularly virulent form of racism.      

I just read an article about a college on the Left Coast (that used to be California, now it's Commiefornia) where the students are forming blockades to prevent white students from getting to their classes. In other words, if you are a "student of color" you can get to your classes, but you have to have blockades to make sure the white kids can't get to theirs. So trying to stop students from getting to their classes because they are white is supposed to be "fighting racism." Does anyone see the total inanity of this?

Years ago the so-called "civil rights" movement sought to  promote integration. Now these same people are promoting a new form of segregation. I wonder if any of them grasp the total stupidity of this. The kids probably don't. They have not had  enough living experience to understand the motives of those who push them into doing this stuff.

You can bet the leftist professors and school administrators that promote this drivel know what they are doing. They are trying to get the students of different races mad at each other. They want racial confrontation and if someone gets hurt, then so much the better because then they have martyrs to parade before a gullible public, people who were hurt for "fighting racism."

To them, the kids of all races are so many pawns on the power-politics chess board, to be moved around in whatever way will  enable the leftists to gain more power and control, because, in the final analysis, power and control are what it's all about. If the kids had enough wisdom and discernment to tell the leftists to stuff it, that would be great, but let's face it, though there are exceptions, this will probably not happen.

I worked on two college campuses over the years, one in the East and the other in the Midwest, and in both cases, most students were prone to rely on  the commentary of professors who, shall we say, were considerably to the left of center. And at that age, most of these young folks lack the discernment to tell Marxists from conservatives. As I said, there are exceptions, but not many--and not nearly enough!

So the leftists endeavor to work among young folks and to fill their minds with Marxist propaganda because they know the kids are mostly impressionable and will respond if the rhetoric is strident enough and appears to address some perceived evil in society.

One thing parents can do is to keep their kids out of public schools if at all possible, because, believe it or not, much of the leftist propaganda originates there in order to condition the kids to be more suseptible to the more advanced indoctrination they will be fed at the college level

Another thing you can do is be really careful where you send your kids to college. Colleges that don't promote leftist ideology at some level are few and far between, so when it comes to colleges you really need to do some homework. And when it comes to colleges, it wouldn't hurt to check out curriculum also. Find out what your kids may be getting for history, economics, literature, etc. And try to find schools, if at all possible, where the kids  won't be encouraged to  promote racism in the name of fighting racism.

One of the key components of the Marxist agenda is to promote the concept of fighting racism when what your agenda is really doing is promoting it and using young folks to do it.                                                                      

Liberalism (Socialism) Is A Religion

by Al Benson Jr.

I watched an interesting interview on the internet today. The lady being interviewed was a former leftist who had turned away from that after having "seen the light." I did not catch her whole interview but what I did catch was interesting.

She said that basically, liberalism (you might as well label it socialism because that's what it really is) is a religious belief, with its own doctrines and dogma. She noted that this is why liberals today are so bitter against anyone that dares to disagree with them. When you disagree with them what you are doing is questioning their theology, their religious belief, and they cannot abide that. Hence they strike out, often visibly, at anyone who refuses to see the world through the socialist-colored glasses they view it through. You are just intolerant if you refuse to see the world their way.

They are not intolerant if they refuse to see the world your way. Rather they feel "enlightenend" because they no longer view the world through the "supersition" of religion--so they think! Actually, they are just as "religious" as you may be, they just couch it in different terms. Easier to fool themselves that way.

Everything in this world has a theological basis and a man's most deeply held belief is, in reality, his theology. That being the case, the atheist has a theology. The core bellif of his theology is that God does not exist. Hence, if God does not exist, he must worship something, or someone other than God, even if he doesn't realize it.

Sort of like the young man that told me once "There are no absolutes--absolutely!"

So, liberals, socialists, communists, atheists, all worship false gods of their own devising and create religious dogmas of their own devising--and they are bitter at those who refuse to embrace their false gods.

These folks claim that Christians are unhappy and so we cling  to our Bibles and our guns and we have no other hope. Actually, they are the ones that are unhappy--and are bitter because we refuse to follow their lead in their unbelief of the truth. Anyone that will not follow their lead is automatically narrow-minded and prejudiced. It never occurs to them that it is them that are narrow-minded.

They fail to realize that liberalism is just a slower form of socialism and that if they pursue it long enough they will end up in the same place as the socialist--mad at a world that will not buy into their theology because, over the centuries, it has proven to be a total failure, responsible for the deaths of millions.In spite of that, if you  listen to the Democrats in Congress, you would think it is the wave of the future. It isn't. All it is is the relic of a stale and dead past that has been embraced and proven an abject failure.

Maybe, someday, some of these folks will wake up and smell the coffee, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting. Their failed theology dies hard--and leaves misery in its wake.


Adam Schiff Is Full of Himself

 by Al Benson Jr. Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Is Adam Schiff in any wise concerned with the real problems folks living in his congressional district in California might have? If so, he hides it well. It would seem that his main goal in life is taking down Donald Trump and proving that Mr. Trump massively colluded with Putin and the Russians to betray his country.

All along Schiff  loudly proclaimed that there was massive evidence of Trump's collusion with Russia. "There is ample evidence on the issue of collusion" Schiff has said. Really? Well, Adam, where is it? Two congressional committees didn't find any and the Muller Report does not seem to note any, in fact, for all his problems, Mueller has been forced to admit his committee of Clinton supporters couldn't find any evidence and you can bet the farm these folks would have dearly loved to have been able to come up with something on Trump. But they couldn't. So, Adam, as the lady in the hamburger commercial said years ago "Where's the beef (evidence)? Seems as if you are the only one who has been able to find any and, for some reason, you have not seen fit to share your findings with the rest of the country. All you have done is to insist that the evidence is there. And we are all supposed to believe it because you say so.

The web site noted of Schiff: "With the dawning of the new year and the new Congress, Rep. Adam Schiff suddenly went from being a poseur with way too much televison time to a lawmaker with real power in Washington. This weaslly Democrat has vowed to make the most of his newfound power, promising to swamp President Trump in investigation after investigation." So he's not really interested in beng a legislator--what he really wants to be is a Trump killer and that's where his total effort is being directed. You don't suppose there is someone in back of Schiff that is pressuring him to move in this direction do you? Other sites have noted the same thing regarding Schiff.

An article by Stephen Ryan on for February 14, 2019 observed of Schiff that: "When it comes to tenacity in pursuit of something rotten between Russia and Trump, Mr. Schiff is today's version of Captain Ahab. The man is obsessed. Mr. Schiff is not seeking the truth but rather revenge. And it's not just revenge against the great white whale--President Donald Trump, he's looking to harpoon the little Orca, the killer whale that bit off his leg--cable tv host Tucker Carlson. For news junkies, the on-air squabble that took place at the onset of 'RussiaGate' between Adam Schiff and Tucker Carlson is legendary and is considered one of the great cable TV cage fights of all time. After a few testy exchanges, Adam Schiff wqndered out loud if Tucker Carlson was a Russian agent. Big mistake. Terribly offended that Schiff would accuse him on national television that he was a foreign agent, the cable tv host pounced. Tucker Carlson chomped down hard on his throat (where the noise was coming from) and then proceeded to rip him to shreds. Adam Schiff was demolished. Mr. Harvard Law School was humiliated on national TV by the cable guy. Tucker Carlson quickly rose to fame as Adam Schiff stewed and plotted revenge."

So it seems that Mr. Schiff is a rather vindictive character who operates on the "Don't get mad--get even" level. Ryan further notes in his article "Adam Schiff is determined to end the freely elected President's term by any means necessary. This is really awful stuff."

And it seems, according to that the man who wants to slay the "great white whale" can hardly be considered to be the Great White Knight. This site told us that: "It appears that there is a skeleton in Rep. Adam Schiff's closet and it is a big one. It is one that should force him to recuse himself from the investigation into President Donald Trump and Russia. Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself from the investigation because he met with one Russian one time. A lot of the pressure came from Rep. Schiff who said that Sessions had a conflict of interest. But Schiff met with Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson last year and has not recused himself, The Hill reported." So you have to wonder why Sessions had to recuse himself after his meeting and Schiff did not. Shouldn't Schiff's meeting with the head of the outfit that provided opposition research for the Clintons for the 2016 election have been sufficient for him to have to recuse himself? It seems that such criteria is only supposed to apply if you are a Republican. It apparently does not apply if you are part of the Clinton campaign. If that's the case, then anything goes.

Does this imply that Schiff is a hypocrite? Well, not really. Schiff is a cultural Marxist, which means he sincerely believes that the rules that apply to us mere mortals do not in any way apply to him and/or his cultural Marxist associates.

I noted in researching for this that Mr. Schiff is originally from Framingham, Massachusetts and not California, so he is, in a certain sense, a carpetbagger. He has the same last name as Jacob Schiff, one of the big banking moguls of the early 20th century. Is there any direct relationship? None of the sites I came up with seemed to have found one, but one site intimated at it with the statement "it's in the blood." They may be right, I don't know. But if there is a familial relationship there, Adam Schiff is probably doing the same work his possible ancestor did in his day--moving us toward some sort of One World Government. I, somehow, given his place on the political spectrum, don't think Adam Schiff would have any problem with that.

The Loyal Opposition

 by Al Benson Jr. Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Just this evening I watched one of Tucker Carlson's presentations from Fox News and I thought his commentary was right on the money. He commented about how socialist Democrats can pretty much say and do what they want because they know they will get no real pushback from the Republicans. The Republicans, most of them anyway, have been trained to never respond to Democratic political gyrations. Hence the Demoncrats totally control the playing field while the Republicans remain on the bench and complain, but they never leave the bench and get out on the field. Much safer to stay on the bench and complain.

This is nothing more than an updated version of what George Wallace said back in 1968--"Republicans and Democrats, tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee, not a dime's worth of difference." Wallace hit the nail on the head back in 68 and Tucker Carlson hit it on the head today.

You look at some of the wild, far out stuff the Demoncrats are proposing and then ask yourself where the Republican opposition is on most of these issues. I don't know where they are, but wherever it is, they sure are quiet.

If I had the suspicious mind my Dad accused me of having, I'd almost be tempted to think that the Republican silence is either learned fear of criticizing one's supposed enemies or, worse yet, implied agreement with those supposed enemies. And if the latter is the case, then the supposed adversary is really no adversary at all, but rather a willing accomplice in the effort to tear down this country.

Do I think progressive (socialist) Demoncrats and Republicans work together to tear down our culture and history? That's like asking if the sun will rise in the East tomorrow.

Tucker Carlson pretty much said the same thing when he commented that, at the gut level, (he didn't say it that way) the Republicans and Democrats really actually agree with one another. And if they agree with one another that means they are both basically opposed to the desires and aspirations of ordinary Americans. After all, didn't the Bush family vote for Hillary? That tells you that, at least at the national level, there is no difference between the two parties.

I've got an old book at home called The Shadows of Power written back in 1988 by James Perloff. You might be able to still find it on Amazon, provided it hasn't been censored off for being too conservative. It has to do with the Council on Foreign Relations, the premier One World Government organization in this country. This group is made up of both Republicans and Democrats as well as various other sorts of Leftists who all share the vision for a One World Government. For the United States to totally embrace this, all we would have to do is be willing to surrender our liberties and the souls of our children and their children to their agenda. If you wonder where these evil folks would love to take us, look at Venezuela or Zimbabwe or South Africa.

Don't think for a New York minute that because your Congress critter may be a Republican that he, she, or it, is your friend. There are some decent Republicans out there but they are in the minority, not the majority. And for you all that live in the South, remember back to what the Republicans did to your ancestors in 1860 and afterward. They think just as much of you now as they did back then and you need to learn that lesson.

Don't just listen to what they say because many, many of them are lying when their lips are moving. Watch what they do. Follow how they vote. The John Birch Society publishes something they call The Conservative Index  which when it is published, takes ten recent pieces of legislation and shows how your congress people from every state voted on those ten issues. The last one I read, just a few months ago now, showed very few really conservative Republicans, even here in the South.

More and more it seems that many Republican legislators are trending toward the "broad middle" on their way toward the political left, all the while telling folks back home how conservative they are. Don't buy it! It's all cow chips by the ton! Those people are not about to do the right thing unless they know enough of us are keeping an eye on them.

Something else you might want to check out is an old book called None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen (now deceased). This one is on the internet so it wouldn't cost you a thin dime to check it out. In fact it would be worth checking out for background before you go to your next town meeing when your congress critter is in town.

Your God-given liberty is precious, but you can lose it if you refuse to use it.

New Site for Copperhead Chronicle Blog

This will be the new site for my Copperhead Chronicle blog since Google has shut down my old site. Though the old site remains and you can check out the old articles on it, at least for now, I am not able to add new ones. Hence this relocated blog so I can continue to comment on the machinations of the politically correct among us.

I will note here just a few brief comments about an article I have been reading in the New American magazine for March 4, 2019.

The article is by Steve Byas and it is about a new book by Heather MacDonald called The Diversity Delusion. Regarding the book, Mr. Byas notes: "After years of liberal propagandizing, the claim that the strength of our country rests on its diversity is usually accepted without comment. But this book shows that the opposite is true."

While many conservatives tend to label the politically correct amongst us as "snowflakes" fit only to inhabit their crying rooms, MacDonald thinks they are much more of a problem than that.  Byas notes: "But MacDonald  does not agree. 'Campus intolerance is at root not a psychological phenomenon but an ideological one. At its center is a world view that sees Western culture as endemically racist and sexist."

In other words, it is the same old plot to belittle Western Civilization that I have seen on campuses over the decades, only now it is much more strident than in the past and it has become a fullblown agenda to do away with Western culture, history, and heritage and replace these with some form of cultural Marxism. You have to ask yourself what this all will mean to your children and grandchildren, should they end up being deprived of their cultural inheritance. Where will that leave them? It will leave them as nothing more than pathetic victims of the systematic collectivist attempt to destroy our history and culture, with no means or information to fight back.

This sort of brain rot begins in public schools and continues on through college, leaving the brains of your students thoroughly cleansed unless they have been prepared beforehand to know how to combat this stuff. One good way to nip much of it in the bud is to get your kids out of public schools and then be darned careful where you send them to college, lest the college end up trying to undo all that you did by keeping the kids out of public school. I know families where this happened.

Your children are the prime targets of all the Leftist zealots in this country. They have to capture your childrens' minds in order to change our culture into what they currently have in Venezuela.  It's our job as parents to make sure they don't get the chance to do that..  


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